HTMLBunker is the first exchange in the world totally dedicated to HTMLCoin with more than 30 top pairs. HTMLBunker arose from the concept and need to contribute to the HTMLCoin community and crypto community as a whole. HTMLBunker will also be in the near future one of the first exchanges with a community supervised order book in a public blockchain database, this means transparency and no book manipulation and it also means a project focused on community needs, not owner's needs. 

Our mission consists of the development of innovative disruptive technological solutions focused on the improvement of human wealth in all its aspects. Our values include innovation with experience; mutual integrity, reliability; pioneering and secrecy. Our view comprises global excellence in innovation and resources focused on the profitability, safety, discretion and competitive advantage of our customers. Our objective is to build a strong team of holders, supporters and contributors for HTMLCoin and others listed projects. To further strengthen our position, the exchange will have constant and direct communication with the HTMLCoin Foundation and community in order to foster events and practices related to blockchain development, especially HTMLCoin.

Following the trend of "Token Based Exchanges", the purchase of our utility token "BUNK", allows our customers to access exclusive content: trading bots, arbitrage signals among peers, "shoutbox", market analysis, social trading platform, blockchain educational area, business intelligence area and priority support. Notwithstanding, token holders will obtain 50% discount on deposit, withdrawal, trade fees and much more to come.

Customers worldwide will be able to fund their accounts with fiat through trustable Ripple gateways that will interact with the Bunker Platform. As part of the launch, 30 of the top pairs of selected cryptocoins will be available in our portfolio. These assets have high earning potential, qualified teams and proposals for great solutions. To be known, these assets are: BTC, HTML, BUNK, XRP, XVG, LTC, DCR, DASH, QTUM, KMD, ETH, USDT, USDC, TUSD, DOGE, ZEC, OMG, BAT, MKR, LINK, HOT, STORJ, POLY, MANA, NPXS, BNB, ZLA, GNT, ENJ. Included in our roadmap is the addition of other relevant cryptoassets, such as NEO, STRATIS, DGB, IOTA, ADA, EOS, XMR and TRON.

With HTMLBunker's launch, enthusiasts that are part of other crypto communities, such as the assets listed above, may see the innovation and incentives of our platform and could migrate their trading activities to HTMLBunker, that will strive to foster an environment that meets the demand for dApps.  With its business friendly environment, alongside HTMLCoin Foundation and its Althash Platform, customer interaction and project development incentives will be its core value. 

HTMLCoin Foundation : https://www.htmlcoin.com

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