Welcome to Photizo - The Light Project ! 

Wouldn't you like to be rewarded for having significant knowledge of the bible? This does not measure up in anyway to the depth, numerous and diverse benefits that the word of God affords us at the tripartite level of the spirit, soul and body. This project is just a fun-filled way of engaging our knowledge of the Word while being rewarded for it. In other words,we are focused on the revealed word as it is in black and white not with the purpose of theological arguments. Photizo was conceptualized in late 2018 to reward Bible knowledge and is deployed on the althash Blockchain of htmlcoin. 

To engage the quiz dapp, go to www. 

Our next step is to incorporate Photizo token as a means of buying faith-based texts and novels as well as motivational materials on our website.We will start locally before proceeding to a wide and heterogeneous market. Charity they say begins at home.  Photizo token would also be accepted by organizations for donation purposes towards charitable and missions projects. This project is unique as it is the first Bible based application to be deployed on Blockchain and at the same time rewards Bible knowledge. We believe that this project will remind us of what we already know and to establish our roots in the only thing that lights up the darkness in the world-The word of God. 

PHOTIZO is a Greek word that means 'LIGHT THAT SHINES FORTH'
And God's word is LIGHT!

In this era of decentralized Apps (Dapps), this project aims at  bringing fun to engaging ones knowledge of the Word on blockchain. It is for everyone who is knowledge driven and wants to have fun while testing their level of knowledge at the same time.Let's have fun learning about God. There are never losers,WE ARE ALL WINNERS. Welcome to the LIGHT PROJECT---PHOTIZO TOKEN

Enquiries: [email protected]

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