Cryptic MAG

Created by Adam Makhyoun Cryptic Mag aims to reward, educate, inspire and entertain. Crypic Magazine in itself is it's own unique platfrom where education and rewarding will take place. The electronic magazine goes beyond your modern electronic magazine combining the use of smart contracts to reward the readers.

The first transaction of MAG occured on September 23, 2018 at 5:46:49 PM Universal Time. Advancements have been continual with the latest milestone being achieved in February of 2019, a Beta edition of the magazine itself. This Beta edition is working proof of concept in action with plenty of instructional articles and videos combined with rewarding images. Images encrypted with reward codes that are not visible to the naked eye (steganography) is one of the methods that will be used to distribute reward codes created by the MAG contract itself.

Some of our next steps are to implement even more ways to discover these reward codes outside of solely steganography, thus expanding the interactiveness of the electronic magazine itself as a whole. As for steganography, our next step is to develop an online tool (80% done) to widen the availibility outside of only mobile decoding.

Some of our bigger steps when the foundational pieces have solidified will be to fine tune the proposed ecosystem models and subcription based models: Then to move forward with an organizational purpose in order to start producing consistent, new, continual, quality and rewarding content.


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