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The advantages and opportunities for extra gains in low volume exchanges

Trading in crypto can be very risky and trading low-volume cryptoassets can be even riskier, nevertheless, great rewards are associated with great risk. Assets with high volume get all the attention, because volume means participation. It means action. It is no wonder that traders like high-volume assets and neglect the low-volume ones. But this approach misses the potential of low-volume cryptos to find explosive moves.
17 June 2019 

FCJX Token - Integrating Startups in Brazilian Ecosystem
FCJX is a cryptocurrency (token) and was created to boost and integrate the Brazilian startups ecosystem, with the objective of being a safe way to exchange services and products between startups, and between startups and service providers.
25 May 2019 

Trade like a PRO with Cryptonita is a crypto-currency social trading platform that connects investors to help you to invest better, follow the best projects and market strategies. The main functionality is the "Copy Trader System" which connects brokerage users through APIs and allows investors to share their moves and results, and automate the operations of the most profitable 
25 May 2019  

Know more about BUNK Token
In contrast to the other token based exchange, will have its price fixed at 5 USD. It works like a pre paid fee discount and access to restricted services inside the platform. There is no intention, by now, to let the price float as a security token does.
25 May 2019   
HTMLCoin 2019 Agenda 
Check out the HTMLCoin's 2018-2019 Roadmap to follow up on exciting news, partnerships and projects being developed worldwide. A list of AltHash projects, as well as exchanges where HTMLCoin is listed, is also available.
25 May 2019   
Token Tower - Tokenize Your Business 
HTMLBunker has partnered with Token Tower, which is a company dedicated to the creation of tokens in order to help busnisses implemement a new tokenization business model. Token Tower is specialized in using and promoting the AltHash Platform. Current projects areas comprise: survey drones, agriculture, payment systems, notarizaion and registration.
25 May 2019  


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