Codex(HRC20) is a token on AltHash blockchain that was released this April. The token was made to be used as payment to coders, developers, and programmers for day-to-day tasks that one might commonly need done; a quick smart contract or even a telegram bot. All levels of expertise are welcome to participate in this ecosystem

This token will be originally be used by freelancers at their own discretion aside from any platform. Meaning you are responsible for the terms of your own deal. *Codex is undecided on a future platform for paying programmers for work.

The Codex Team contains members from the HTMLcoin community, as well as a few founding members of HTMLBunker. The team is continuously looking for additional members that have extensive knowledge in programming and development in the crypto industry. Codex strives to make their community a warehouse for knowledgeable programmers and ‘AltHash enthusiasts’.


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