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In our case, HTMLBunker uses the token "BUNK"; between its benefits we can tell : pay trading fees with discounts: when you use BUNK to pay your trading fees, you get a significant discount, 50% on deposits, tradings and withdrawal. Also full access to the restricted area which contains: trading signals, arbitrage signals, social traders media, business inteligence platform, chatbox, educational area and a lot of new services and partnerships to come. 

Business model: BUNK, in contrast to the others based exchange tokens, will have its price fixed at 5 USD. It works like a pre paid fee discount and access to restricted services inside the platform. There is no intention, by now, to let the price float as a security token does. In this phase its possible to purchase from 1 to 5 USD among Founding Members orders. After finish Founding Members total suply in circulation, it will be avaliable only in USDT pair at 5 USD fixed. 

This is somewhat surprising as exchange coins tend to be used strictly within their own exchange ecosystem. It’s unlikely that they’ll ever be used to pay for goods and services, and being tied to a particular exchange means that success and valuation rises or falls in sync with that exchange’s volumes. To make it different HTMLBunker is increasing its partnerships to make possible many uses outside the ecosystem. 

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The importance of exchanges has contributed to the launch of many tokens that are native to their exchanges. Some of these tokens have seen an incredible amount of popularity and trading volume, such as Binance’s BNB, a token consistently found at the top of the token market capitalization rankings. Other great exchanges followed this path like KuCoin, Huobi, OKeX, Coinbene, BitMax,  These tokens usually have a number of benefits for their users like fee discounts, while other tokens function as the only tokens that can be used for an exchange’s token sales. 

Launching native tokens is not necessarily the latest trend for crypto exchanges, as it all started a couple of years ago. However, it’s still working and has a very promissing future. All the native tokens mentioned above have outperformed the majority of other cryptocurrencies in Q1 2019 and have shown significant increases.

Native tokens can be a win-win for both exchanges and users. Exchanges, apart from the token sale gains, get a method of long-term user retention, while users benefit from trading fee discounts, bonuses, some rights and other features offered for holding native tokens.

Source: Coin360

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