Cryptonita is a crypto-currency social trading platform that connects investors to help you to invest better, follow the best projects and market strategies.

The main functionality is the "Copy Trader System" which connects brokerage users through APIs and allows investors to share their moves and results, and automate the operations of the most profitable traders. Very important for begginers that does not know how to operate and does not want to waste money while learning. And about security, neither the trader nor Cryptonita has custody of yours cryptoactives, only the user has access to his account at the most reliable brokers in the world. is mainly made for new investors who do not have the time to keep up with market volatility and simply want to choose a trader to automatically continue to pay a fee just when they make profits for you. But it's also a great way for people who has great market knowledge, to operate routinely, to contribute to the community, and to increase their income by taking part in the profits they generate to followers.

Come and meet the community and find out the best way to join our investor group at: . In the next months you will be able to use it inside HTMLBunker through our API.

More about on media soon

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