FCJX Token

FCJX is a cryptocurrency (token) and was created to boost and integrate the Brazilian startups ecosystem, with the objective of being a safe way to exchange services and products between startups, and between startups and service providers.

In general, the mindset of the startup ecosystem is collaborative, where startups seek to interact exchanging experiences and knowledge, motivated by the spirit of "give first". However, there is the aspect of service providing among the startups that needs to be remunerated, but in the initial stages these companies do not have enough resources, lacking a mechanism that compensates and encourages service providing between startups. In the same way, there are marketing companies, lawyers, developers among others who wish to provide services to startups, but lacking resources or mean of exchange, the equity (shares) ends up being the only alternative.

To solve this "pain" in a safe and balanced way, the FCJX token was created aiming to be the mean of exchange within this ecosystem, integrating and connecting startups. It shows great potential because the success of a cryptoasset is associated with its usefulness.

According to Paulo Justino, CEO of FCJ Venture Builder and responsible for the token's launch, "more than 70% of FCJX tokens will be freely distributed to Brazilian startups, Startups Community, accelerators and stakeholders. And 10% of the amount collected in the direct sale of FCJX will be donated to the Sistema Divina Providência" says the CEO. The phase distribution model has as its objective a valuation perspective, always favoring the entry order, that is, the sooner the participation, the greater the return.

The greatest challenge of such an initiative is to move away from inertia and to initiate the movement in a consistent manner. This initial step will be made using the FCJ ecosystem, formed by Venture Builders licensed in São Paulo, Triângulo Mineiro, Bauru, in the verticals Energy Nest, Semear Innovation and Construtech, partners, shareholders, investors, entrepreneurs, idealizers, startups, mentors, collaborators and startup clients.

FCJX is an HRC20 token created at Althash.org (HTMLCoin Foundation Platform for Development of Tokens and Dapps), one of the oldest crypto market with large numbers of active members in the Brazilian scene, according to Márcio Gandra, V. Pres. of Technology & Innovation at the HTMLCoin Foundation and founding partner of the HTMLBunker Crypto Exchange. The partnership will enable not only the implementation of services on the platform, training courses and lectures for startups, as well as opening the doors to partners and FCJ Venture Builder investors for the development of decentralized applications and the listing of its tokens at the exchange, which will be inaugurated in May this year and where the token will be initially negotiated.

"One of the main points of this union, in view of the curent crypto mass adoption process, is to bring to the ecosystem a solid product, with a low operational cost if compared to the other tokenization platforms and with the differential of having a crypto-token developed using a hybrid blockchain (Bitcoin / Ethereum), which will allow, in the same environment, the security of the Bitcoin protocol with regard to transactions and its incorruptibility, with the flexibility of the smart contracts from the Ethereum platform", says Gandra.

FCJX is avaliable for trading in HTML and BTC pair here on HTMLBunker.

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